the tin drums :: ‘eulogy’

I would like to be exceedingly eloquent in my words about this song. I would like to be as perfect in my speech as this jam is.

I just cannot. It is too hard, too lofty a goal to reach.

Here is what I can muster: OMG YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

There are albums that you love and there are albums that are good. And then there are albums that you will fight for. This is one of those albums. The perfect subtlety lurking here (the femals backing vocals of ‘Eulogy’, the rolling drums of ‘All The Way Down’, the perfect mesh of Anna Carson and Jason Diaz’s voices on the back end of ‘Howl’) takes a listen or seven to recognize but once you done, it’s impossible to not be blown away by the perfection.

I am utterly enamored with this album. The Tin Drums now have my heart.



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