schooner || wesley wolfe 12″ split // ‘terrorized mind’


A voice perfect for folk combined with a soul rock guitar riff is right up our alley.

Schooner, self described as a “dishevled-pop-indie-psych-soul from Durham, NC that began as a 4-track project by Reid Johnson & features Joshua Carpenter (Floating Action), Nick Jaeger (Filthybird) + a rotating cast of characters”, released a gorgeous 12″ split (“clear vinyl hand cut by Wesley Wolfe at Tangible Formats & hand printed by Steve Oliva at Kitchen Island Show Print”, OMG VINYL BONER) and we cannot recommend it highly enough, as evidenced by this crazy long sentence that would make a college student with a A in English shit their pants…


  1. fuzzpony said:

    This tune is pretty bad ass! I’m so glad you posted it! Thanks. Hope you dont mind, I’ll probably be adding it to my FAB mix! Thanks for being so lovely!

    Tim / fuzzpony

  2. fuzzpony said:

    …and I just realized I’ve met these guys before. Back when I lived in Chapel Hill, my buddies band opened for Schooner. As well as my wife was working with one of the guys at a school. I got to design a little flyer for the show! Small world. Not that they would ever remember me, but its kind of cool see them still work’n hard at it! I’m dig’n this entire EP.

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