musical things you need in your life :: this mountain’s ‘future ghost’

Too often, the banjo is ignored as a potential instrument of rock. this mountain is working to remedy that, one sweet, sweet jam at a time. God bless their little hearts…

There is a spirit that surrounds certain kinds of folk rock and bluegrass and it is one based in love. Rock music, even hip hop, possesses it too I suppose, but something about the soul of folk tugs at my own heart. It’s a feeling that everyone is invited and everyone is included. One of the literal definitions of folk is “people in general” — people in general. All people, everyone. Music that carries that descriptor in its narrative is bound to make all of us feel surrounded and loved.


From first listen it is obvious that the men of this mountain not only understand that but they feel it just as I do. The band released Future Ghost last month on the heels of their wonderful S/T EP last October and it’s a wonderful study of the definition of that word folk and that genre. We’ve had this album on repeat for days now with no signs of stopping and each time through I find something else to relate to, another note to dance to. In the fewest words possible (something totally foreign to we here at Folk Hive), that’s the highest praise I can think to bestow on an album…

Get this album. GET THIS ALBUM.



BUY Future Ghost :: FACEBOOK

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