6am repeat :: heartscape landbreak // ‘the prairie as a sea’

6am Repeat is a recurring feature here at Folk Hive in which we stream the latest track that plays incessantly in the earbuds when we awake at that hour and imbibe massive amounts of coffee and cigarettes in preparation for the advancing day.  Consider it your jam of the day — a sweet, sweet gift from me to you.  I love you, dude.

You were my tall grass and I was your buffalo…

This little ditty is helpful on mornings you don’t want to rouse from bed. On mornings when the coffee takes to long to brew and the eyes take too long to wake. When you’re dreading work, when your schedule is so packed that finding just a little moment to stare at a wall with nothing in your head would be a welcome respite.

It’s airy and then it’s heavy and it’s delightful to our ears all over the place. It’s changes mirror our life and it fits. We like this song. You should listen to it, maybe snag this nice little EP from Lawrence, KS based Heartscape Landbreak. Good morning…





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