don’t let ’em take the joy that you make…

I have quit nothing but quitting something is on my mind. All my friends work their dreams with their hands…

I am of the population that is faking it. As fall moves it’s way into life here in the Midwest, so goes all the joy I get from the sun and I move inward and hibernate like a bear inside my head. I should be doing what I want. I should be doing what makes me happy, guaranteed poverty be damned. Take your heart’s candle and re-light it…


This is an Old Man Luedecke song from his album Hinterland. This opening gig, taped at The Great Hall in Toronto is wonderful and you should listen to it. Luedecke will release Tender is the Night on 13 November. Obviously we recommend you buy that album. Be takin’ it easy but be takin’ it…

Old Man Luedecke :: I Quit My Job [mp3]


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