musical things you need in your life :: prairie empire // ‘ten fold’

Holy. Shit. You. Guys. Seriously.

This s/t Prairie Empire record is fucking gorgeous. Here at Folk Hive we make it a point to not cry unless it’s musical related tears (because those are socially acceptable) but ‘ten fold’ sent a single tear down our cheek, in honor of its sheer beauty. We all do things so wrong sometimes…

I spoke with Brittain Ashford, the fair lass behind this album that we’re in love with, and stumbled upon coincidences. A. We’ve written about this before. A full year ago. But it seems this album is just now receiving a proper release so we’re talking about it again. B. There is clarinet on this album (which has a soft spot in our hearts given the fact that we can actually play one of those bastards) and that clarinet is played by a man named Cody Caudill. We’ve featured his lovely band Harlowe and the Great North Woods before. And C. Turns out that the man behind Olentangy John, who made one of our favorite albums this year, just moved cross-country to devote his time as a banjoist in Prairie Empire. Add up A, B, and C, and then multiply it by just how beautiful this album is and right there you’ve got the actual equation for AWESOMENESS.

Listen and buy below, kids.



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