music for the mountains & glossary

Here at Folk Hive HQ we’re in serious MUST SEE SOME FUCKING LIVE MUSIC AND DRINK BEERS, YEAH! mode and as such, we’re venturing out of town for a show this weekend. A Glossary show, to be specific.

You might fondly remember Glossary from multiple Folk Hive summer mixtapes (this one and this one) or from that time we got all sad about the fact that we had forgotten to include their last album, Long Live All Of Us, on our Most Revered of 2011 list. Now y’all know, there are never shows around here. It’s part of the reason we host them. We want to see a concert and logistics be damned, if the only way to do that is to bring one to this town the by God, we’re up for it. But occasionally, a city not too far from here (that happens to be kind of a cess pool but whatever) hosts a show and when that happens, you bet your asses we get down.

Glossary will be around on Saturday night, at Lindberg’s to be exact. We’ll be around, too. To get your whistle wet, we suggest this jam from Joey Kneiser, Glossary dude, contributed to a compilation put out by This Is American Music to fight mountaintop removal, a cause we here find very worthy.

See you Saturday night, dudes.



BUY Music For The Mountains :: Glossary BANDCAMP

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