dudes, new jam from the giving tree band :: ‘cold cold rain’

Folk Hive’s history with The Giving Tree Band reads like an ongoing series of craigslist Missed Connection ads.

I sent my best friend to your show in her town…but she got sidetracked at a Rayland Baxter gig and didn’t get to go. Next time?

My pal from high school happened upon your show in my old town, his current town, and y’all stayed at his house. His name was Paul. You remember that? Hit me up, bros!

I went to a show (it was a country one, apologies) and got a call from a friend that you happened to be in town that night. I enjoyed the spirits at that wretched country bar a little too much while my friend’s band played and had to imbibe consistently to drown out that song about a truck. Unfortunately, that was not conducive to leaving the joint and I couldn’t make it to your show (again!). Dammit! Regret. Next time?


Bands rarely make it through this part of the Midwest so it’s a travesty that I missed not one but three of these bastard gigs. Here at Folk Hive, we’ve obviously got to get our shit together.

Here are some awesome facts you should know: Giving Tree just got done with a tour alongside Joe Purdy. RAD. Giving Tree is releasing their next album, Vacilador, through Pledge Music. BADASS. The song you’ll hear below comes from it and you can head on over to their website and snag yourself a free download. RIGHTEOUS. I trust this album will impress as much as their last, The Joke, The Threat, And The Obvious.

Next time, Giving Tree Band. NEXT TIME.


The Giving Tree Band :: Cold Cold Rain

DOWNLOAD :: WEBSITE :: DONATE via Pledge Music

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