long distance salvation :: a tribute to springsteen’s nebraska

Adam wrote about this last night and I’ve already had numerous conversations about it. One with Shakey Graves and another with Schleicher, he of Juniper Tar, who assures me that this tribute is indeed as righteous as it sounds like it’s gonna be.

There are some things that are unfuckwithable, some things that are better left uncovered by musicians because the first did it so perfectly, there’s no reason. Typically, I’d say Springsteen’s Nebraska is one of those things. But my mind was changed by a lineup that includes the aforementioned Juniper Tar, The Wooden Sky, Joe Purdy, Spirit Family Reunion, Trampled By Turtles, Strand Of Oaks, David Wax, and Roadside Graves, among others. I mean, look at that lineup. I get a musical boner every time I look at it.

Long Distance Salvation will be released 20 September. I’ll live with The Wooden Sky’s cover of “Nebraska” until then. It’ll do just fine.



PRE-ORDER Long Distance Salvation: A Tribute To Springsteen’s Nebraska

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