the favorite gentlemen sampler :: right away, great captain! // ‘when i met death’

You should probably just go ahead and download this Favorite Gentlemen Sampler because you need it. Specifically, you need the song contained on it from the pert near perfect Right Away, Great Captain! Favorite gentlemen, indeed.

Andy Hull is Right Away, Great Captain! and also these things: Lead singer of Manchester Orchestra and man behind Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. How that much awesomeness is held within one dude baffles. We’re making the assumption most of the magnificence of Andy Hull is trapped inside his beard and he only occasionally lets out bits and pieces. Solid theory, that one.

Neurotic, I asked him what route we’ve gone…


Right Away, Great Captain! :: When I Met Death

DOWNLOAD The Favorite Gentlemen Sampler :: RAGC! BANDCAMP

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