musical things you need in your life :: modern trade’s southern gospel revival

I have no idea how I found this which leads me to believe that there is a maker and that he knew yesterday that some southern gospel was just what my wounded soul needed.

Back when we were little we went to church and they used to let us sit out in Big Church instead of heading to the kid classes. This is an old town, full of old money, people, and places of worship. Those weather worn voices singing these songs didn’t seem like much then, my great-granny singing as loud as she could with her deep voice while she rubbed my thumb nail. The pillars of our community went to my church and back then it was embarrassing to me. I couldn’t imagine singing that loud, especially when you knew you weren’t good at it. I didn’t understand why those who filled those pews did it anyway…


This collection of four songs, recorded at Columbus, TX’s Schneider Dancehall, originally built in the 1930s and since restored, is stellar. One take, no overdubs. 4 glorious revival songs, all beautiful. If church had sounded like this to me when I was younger, I might have stayed…


Courtney Patton :: Welcome Table

Drew Kennedy :: Angel Band

DOWNLOAD Modern Trade’s Southern Gospel Revival :: MODERN TRADE

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