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5:30 a.m. comes quickly when you can’t sleep and any good folk blogger worth their salt will tell you that writing and listening to melancholy-tinged jams in those early hours is not always the best for the soul. Most mornings your marrow can take it; some mornings you just need a banjo, an americana yell, and the fiddler from Brown Bird. For that, we suggest consulting the music of Poor Old Shine.

We first stumbled upon a streaming track from Poor Old Shine’s upcoming album recorded live at Infinity Hall and from there, it was over for us and our ears. Count us as fans. Threadless Soles was released in February of this year and how sad we are we’ve been without it all this time, for indeed it has some medicine we could have used over the past few months. The newest album includes a cover of ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ that we imagine will be one of the greatest things to enter our eustachians this year.

Listen below. We think you’ll agree…



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