aaron bowen :: the karaoke fallback plan // ‘oh, edith’

Sometimes an album is great and on that album is a song that is so righteous, it deserves your attention. This is a feature about those times…

I will not deny that Aaron Bowen’s voice has its Michael Jackson moments. I will also not deny that those “na na na na’s” in the background call up thoughts of Paul Simon. But both of those things are not bad, y’all. Both of those things, in the context of ‘Oh, Edith’ are, in fact, fucking awesome.

For another comparison, let me bring up one of our favorites, Tyler Lyle. While this music doesn’t call up memories of Golden Age And The Silver Girl specifically, I am amazed that like Tyler, Bowen seems to have put this album together mostly on his own, with the help of but a drummer. Written, produced, and recorded by Aaron Bowen. WOW.


Aaron Bowen :: Oh, Edith [mp3]

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