musical things you need in your life :: the felice brothers’ “lincoln continental”

It is a fucking travesty that we have not bombarded you, reader/music lover, with talk of The Felice Brothers before. This post is a succinct remedy to that problem.

Today seems like a good day to do that considering that at midnight night last the band released 20 songs for $5 bucks and all 20 are a delight worth your time. Shit, their entire catalog is worth your time. Get on this train, people.

God Bless You, Amigo holds 12 original songs the Felice Brothers have not released before but even more awesome than that is the fact that the album also includes 8 traditional folk jams. Let us repeat: 8 TRADITIONAL FOLK JAMS REIMAGINED BY A FOLK PUNK BAND THAT FUCKING ROCKS. Obviously, you understand our excitement.

You’ve got $5 bucks. Grab “Lincoln Continental” below and then jet off and snag all of God Bless You, Amigo


The Felice Brothers :: Lincoln Continental [mp3]

BUY God Bless You, Amigo 

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