tabs open :: wake owl, the sheepdogs, doc dailey & magnolia devil, & more…

FIRE AND FOREMOST, Y’ALL: In retrospect, it is in your best interest to check out that Wake Owl track first. Clearly all of this squizzness contained herein is delicious but holy balls of Thor, if ‘Wild Country’ isn’t the best thing you hear today, we’ll eat our hat. Carry on…


The following is an accounting of all the tabs open on this computer, a list of things we find worth your time. Please gander through these bits with us, won’t you?

If my life had a Tabs Mode like an internet browser does, it would look something like this:

  • There is a tab that depicts an epic battle with a sinus infection that is keeping away the sleep, making me delusional. Which, it just so happens, is a great way to listen to music. When delusional, we mean. If I queue up that Typhoon jam below right before bed, I dream of scientifically impossible quadruple rainbows that bring with them unicorns with ribbons flowing from their asses. WHICH IS AN ACTUAL SCENARIO FROM MY DREAM LAST NIGHT. I’m gonna write a bitchin’ science fiction novel about it. I’ll make a million dollars and then book Typhoon for the back yard. FULL CIRCLE.
  • There would be a tab up there detailing my weekend last. All the friends at the bar, with its missing ceiling panels and drunken bar owner. With the local legend up front and all my friends of today and yesterday around. Part of that tab would deal with text messages about Tolstoy and sacred harp music, too.
  • A tab detailing an impending week-long vacation, during which we will populate every goddamn bit of woods in this state. A tent will be our home. We will rejoice with the unzipping of the front door every morning and revel in the lake waters of this county and those surrounding it.

Enough about us. This is about music. It’s always about music…


The Sheepdogs :: The Way It Is

FUCK ME, DUDES ONE AND ALL! At this point, our proverbial boner for The Sheepdogs is apparent and after being disappointed first thing this morning with a list of tour dates that included nothing in our tri-state region — it’s okay, the Midwest hates rock anyway, IT’S NOT LIKE WE NEED GUITAR JAMS, TOO! — my heart was mended ever-so-slightly by the unveiling of a new jam from the forthcoming album. Clearly, Pat Carney produced this bitch. But shades of The Black Keys never hurt anyone and I, for one, dig the fuck out of this. Head over to Rolling Stone and stream this mother…



The Heavy :: What Makes A Good Man 

Speaking of rock, oh hey, you guys, look what I found! The Heavy’s got an album out next month. I’ll buy that shit, TRUST.

[Ed. Note: Shit man, half that guitar riff sounds kinda like that Sheepdogs jam and this was just noticed on our end. Well, this is weird now. AWKWARD.]

PRE-ORDER The Glorious Dead :: SITE


Dry The River :: No Rest

The part of me that is true female, all .2%, makes the other 99.8% of me love Dry The River. It cannot be helped. This jam is nothing new as it comes from their album Shallow Bed, released in April, but I stumbled upon it again the other day and have put it on repeat again…

BUY Shallow Bed :: SITE


Typhoon :: Claws Pt. 2 (Fuel/Friends Chapel Sessions) [mp3]

Fucking Heather, I want her life. Also, this is stunningly gorgeous.

DOWNLOAD Typhoon’s Fuel/Friends Chapel Session 


Pebaluna :: No, I Can’t 

From the inbox, a jam from Pebaluna that we happen to like. Typically, it’s a hard road for a singing chick to my heart but this makes it through all those roadblocks.



Wake Owl :: Wild Country 

A nice little jam from Wild Owl, a nice little band that released a nice little EP, Wild Country EP, late last year. This one slipped by us. Apologies. 1:30 is a moment that is perfection in song.

NAME YOUR PRICE for Wild Country EP :: SITE


Right Away, Great Captain! :: I Am Aware

From Music Savage’s June 2012 mix, comes this gem. I’d heard numerous other folk aficionados ramble on about the awesomeness of Right Away, Great Captain! previously and sat on this like a dunce. If nothing else, this situation should tell you that when a friend recommends something to you, a friend with musical tastes you trust, you should get off your ass and listen. This is your friend telling you to listen to Right Away, Great Captain!. Do not repeat our mistakes.

BUY The Church of The Good Thief :: FACEBOOK


Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil’s IndieGoGo Campaign

Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil are Folk Hive favorites. Or obsessions, whichever. So when the band tells us that they’re looking to release a new album we jump at the chance to pitch in. Victims, Enemies, and Old Friends is STILL on heavy rotation here at Folk Hive HQ and if the song showcased in the video up there is any indication, this forthcoming album, Catch The Presidents, will be a treat for your eustachians.

BUY Victims, Enemies, and Old Friends :: SITE


And here, kids, is the portion of the broadcast where we throw up the numerous Bandcamp albums that we’ve been perusing, listening to, and loving.

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