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Someone, somewhere, has been talking about this and I’ve seen it, heard it. And yet I did not heed their word until I accidentally stumbled on this yesterday. My nonchalance about The Parmesans is a thing I now regret…

{Well, you cheeky little fuckers, this ain’t no album cover! Might I suggest, you Parmesans, that you find a country porch and photograph yourselves on it? Bring in a goat for the shoot. There should be a goat.}

Folk and bluegrass need not be perfectly polished to do what they are known to do but often, it happens that way. Bands like Spirit Family Reunion and Shovels & Rope eschew that sound though and it makes me love it all the more. It is music that sounds like it was recorded on my front porch and that’s not a slight — that’s as it should be. Folk and bluegrass on a porch is my own personal Heaven…

It’s possible I read at one point the band was putting out an album but that tidbit was lost with the brain cells I drank and danced away this past weekend when our friends band came to town and played an Ozarks Mountain Daredevils cover. Apologies, y’all. Still, these demos should tide you over for a country minute. All 5 songs contained therein are a delight but the 0:52 mark of ‘Blooming Rose’ sort of punched me in the gut. And then! And then 1:56 hugged my heart. So, you know, RAD.



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