musical things you need in your life :: american songwriter’s muse july sampler // shovels & ropes ‘birmingham’

Doug Paisley. Hope For Agoldensummer. Cory Branan. Glen Hansard. And that jam from Trapper Schoepp and The Shades, hot damn. The only thing missing from this mix? Your mom.

This here is a musical thing you need in your life, y’all. That Shovels & Rope jam, holy sheepshit. I swear, stumbling upon this band has absolutely made my summer. I’m convinced these two, Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent, just don’t have it in ’em to make a shit song. NOT A SINGLE SHIT SONG CAN THEY MAKE. First, there was that sampler (which you should have by now, ahem) and now ‘Birmingham’ from the upcoming O’ Be Joyful. I can already tell you this album is one of my favorites yet this year and I haven’t even heard the fucking thing. TRUST.

Get that whole sampler below. No, dude. SERIOUSLY, Get it.



DOWNLOAD American Songwriter’s July Muse Sampler :: PRE-ORDER O’ Be Joyful

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