show me love :: spectator // ‘we’ve been through this before’

Show Me Love: NOT that one Robyn song, y’all. But instead, some affection from us in honor of a Missouri band. A really fucking stellar Missouri band.

Here’s a list of things about this song that are breaking my heart every other time I hear it and then healing it all up on the in between listens.

  1. Megan Rooney, the owner of the bellows wafting through your speakers, sings so g’damn pretty I almost can’t take it. Please see 2:40 for reference and just try to disagree.
  2. The band here — Jeffrey Albert, Luke Berry, and Laren Loveless — raise up that aforementioned voice of Megan’s with near perfect arrangement.
  3. I once loved this dude, about 8 years ago or so, and it was so overwhelming that I almost died. That part where we are gifted the lyrics, “Oh no, I won’t come around here no more,” slays my soul. If I’d had this song back then, I’m not sure if it would have compelled me to leave as I should have but it would have been a tourniquet for the tears, I think.
  4. This band is from St Louis. HOLY SHIT, that’s awesome.
  5. I’ve been on a super, hardcore, real fucking serious rock kick lately. I’m concocting a summer mixtape that centers around that very genre and though I can always find these kind of emotions in a rock jam too, it’s really glorious to find it laid out so perfectly with nary an electric guitar in sight. Love live rock ‘n roll, yeah, but long live this too.
  6. At 6 songs, I’d call In The Brick an EP before I’d call it an album but sweet baby Jesus, it’s worth your $4. GO GET IT.


Spectator :: We’ve Been Through This Before [stream]


BUY In The Brick :: FACEBOOK

  1. MT C said:

    I gotta quit coming to this place. Seems like you’ve always got your hand in my pocket looking for change!

    Really, I don’t understand how it is that you find what you do for music, but it always appeals and I end up buying it. This is no exception.

    Hell, I’m even looking forward to snatching up that rock stuff you’re doing!

    Never seen ya, but you got to be beautiful.


  2. Jamie said:

    so i imagine i’ll be seeing you in stl july 13 & august 18? come up and stay with me. i miss your face.

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