musical things you need in your life :: the lumineers hear ya session

Here is a list of awesome things:

  1. I mentioned that The Lumineers set at Wakarusa was one of the best things ever — my best friend next to me so greatly enjoying herself was a highlight, too. I want to see this band over and over this year.
  2. These slightly re-worked songs are brilliant.
  3. The addition of mandolin/piano dude was a good one. A really good one (and he was a g’damn treat live, his excitement palpable).
  4. Same goes for bass dude.
  5. Chicks that play the cello are pretty fucking rad. Chicks that sing so pretty are even more rad.
  6. Lead singer Schultz is wearing a shirt that reads “Springsteen For President”. I can get behind that.

Go here, dudes. GO. Get yourself all of this beauty, all in one place.

The Lumineers :: Submarines (HearYa Live Session #103) [mp3]

HearYa :: BUY The Lumineers S/T :: SITE


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