dudes, new spirit family reunion :: ‘i am following the sound’

{Oh, shit. Hi there, y’all! Let’s talk about something that happened. I took some time off because, uh, writer’s block. And Pony League baseball games. And river times. And burnout. There are a lot of excuses but none of them are good. Forgive me.

I made a pilgrimage up an Ozark Mountain in search of a cure for aforementioned writer’s block. Up there I gandered upon trees rolling and steam rising over their tops and listened to so much music. SO MUCH. It was glorious. I’ll tell you about it someday. But until then, I need to catch up. My inbox overfloweth, my heart beats with the rhythm of things I want to hear and love right beside me. I’ll be bombarding you with that stuff over the next few days.

PS — I missed you.}


My obsession with this band, one Spirit Family Reunion, is well documented, both in things I have written here and in the many, many messages in my email inbox. I would punch a kitten in its hind-quarters to see them live and should that happen, I’d take that kitten with me and I’m pretty sure these folks could heal it with their restorative sounds.

From what I gather, there is a new release forthcoming. BE STILL MY HEART. Along with that there is a special 7″ being released. MY HEART JUST EXPLODED. Too much goodness. Obviously, we here highly recommend both things. The album, in full, is absolutely gorgeous and will no doubt make our year end list of the most awesome sounds made this year.

No Separation will be released June 15.


Spirit Family Reunion :: I Am Following The Sound [mp3]


1 comment
  1. MT C said:

    Ahhhh… how nice, you missed me. And of course I missed your mind meanderings also. This is good and I’ll be looking for it in June.



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