horse feathers :: cynic’s new year :: ‘last waltz’

I’ve been taking a second of because…well. Because I fucking felt like it, but dudes, I just came back to tell you this. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This little fact might just turn your year for the better so listen up.

The new Horse Feathers album is stunning. Nay, STUNNING, all capital and none of that lowercase shit. Yes internet, I’m yelling. I should really save this for the weekend, for a time when I can sit with headphones in and ruminate on these tones instead of writing about it so nonchalantly whilst simultaneously making dinner for this starving kid over here but I can’t wait. I owe the record more than that, I know. But I’m a loudmouth and so here I am, now.

The band and Kill Rock Stars are offering the album up on some sort of rad progressive pricing scale I’ve never before witnessed in use (fuck yeah, y’all, for progressive anything, especially in my jams!) so as of RIGHT THIS DAMN SECOND it’s just $4.99. Honestly, I bought it and now feel like I should forward a check for another 40 bucks (or clams or whatever you call them) but alas. I’m busy listening.


Horse Feathers :: Last Waltz [stream]


BUY Cynic’s New Year :: SITE

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