mailbag :: the robbie boyd band // ‘i won’t let you go’

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

Here’s a couple weirdly fantastic things:

1. This has GOT to be the first band we’ve ever featured — NAY! Even liked! — that is also liked by this dude named Simon Cowell who is like, Mr. American Idol or some shit. I mean, I think it’s a fair assessment that whatever that man puts down isn’t ever okay for Folk Hive, for the most part. Obviously for the most part because I’m featuring this. A. I like the fuck out of it and B. Funky folk. Yes to that.

2. Listening to the soundcloud stream of this and writing, the second song pops up which happens to be a radio rip and this nice lady and fellow are talking in the swellest of British accents, laughing along, when someone says this dude looks like Jarvis Cocker, man who is not only a formidable musician but uh, YOU GUYS. He was in Fantastic Mr Fox and I’ll be damned if Petey isn’t one of my most favorite characters to ever grace the screen. Clearly, this is a really random fucking aside but give me a chance to mention Petey’s pie tin banging song and I’ll do it…


The Robbie Boyd Band :: I Won’t Let You Go [stream]


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