mailbag :: paul thomas saunders

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

The email I received from Communion yesterday wasn’t meant solely for me and it did not detail the tracks I’m about to put forth for the enjoyment of your heart and eustachians. But it brought my attention to them, calling out to me with an interesting album title, song names like those of Andrew Bird if only he smoked more weed and was thus, longer winded, and a voice that moves me, for what exact reason I cannot pinpoint other than it’s perfect.

Paul Thomas Saunders will release Descartes Highlands on 16 April, a follow up to 2011’s Lilac and Wisteria, and it’s a stunner.

Take the car,
Drive it down to the ocean,
Cut your cards,
Burn the letters you were given,
In every word they swore true love was hidden.


Paul Thomas Saunders :: The Trail Remains Unseen [stream]


Communion is offering ‘Silhouettes of an English Rose’, a track from Lilac and Wisteria as a free download. Snag that beauty below…


PRE-ORDER Descartes Highlands :: SITE

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