honeyhoney :: billy jack // ‘l.a. river’

My hometown is not L.A. and it’s not anything even remotely like it. But the reason’s I am in daily love with it are the same as the reasons honeyhoney love their new hometown.

This morning, upon the discovery of sad fact that there was no coffee grounds to be found in this abode, I slipped on shoes and traveled just across the street with an empty cup to be used as a receptacle. It was dark outside — not black but blue up in the sky, the dark blue that signifies that nature’s alarm clock has sounded and the sun would soon be making its first morning appearance shortly. There were birds and there were tree frogs. There were crickets. Their morning sounds were the only things that filled the air and in the middle of the street, in my pajamas, I stopped and listened. Sometimes it’s so beautiful here it actually hurts my feelings…


honeyhoney :: L.A. River [stream]


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