6am repeat :: tall tales and the silver lining // ‘piece of you’

6am Repeat is a recurring feature here at Folk Hive in which we stream the latest track that plays incessantly in the earbuds when we awake at that hour and imbibe massive amounts of coffee and cigarettes in preparation for the advancing day.  Consider it your jam of the day — a sweet, sweet gift from me to you.  I love you, dude.

Yesterday we had a lesson about a man named named Neal Casal. This morning, I shall piggyback off myself and point you towards a band called Tall Tales and the Silver Lining. I do this because, at one point, said band was lucky enough to have Casal sit in on guitar, specifically for the song you’re about to hear. I’m also doing this because I really dig this band. Featured once, it just wasn’t enough.

If this isn’t the best song ever written for that night when you come home alone from the bar, after having imbibed just a tad too much, and wished that the population of your bed was more than one, well. I don’t know what is.


Tall Tales and the Silver Lining :: Piece of You [stream]



Tall Tales and the Silver Lining :: Dyed In The Wool [mp3]

And dude/ettes, be sure to check out the bands catalog. Do it. For fucking real, do it.


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