neal casal :: ‘sweeten the distance’

If you cannot tell me who Neal Casal is, we’re probably not gonna be friends in real life. I’m going to start an internet dating site for awesome chicks and there will be criteria for dudes before we accept their profiles. The following questions will be asked:

  1. Do you have a sweet beard?
  2. Can you play an instrument of any type (we’ll count kazoos, because we’re nice like that)?
  3. Do you know who Neal Casal is?

Answer no to any of that shit and we’re sorry, but you’re gonna need to head on down the road to

It was brought to my attention recently, by my mother of all people, that 1/2 of the Brothers Robinson has formed a new band. Chris, being the intelligent long-hair that he is, has employed Casal as guitarist for said new band. I say that’s smart because obvs, I’m just gonna buy the shit out of that record because of his presence.

For those not in the know, Casal’s guitar is easily recognizable to any real Ryan Adams and the Cardinals fan. His voice is 4 steps more awesome than most making music today. I’m highly jazzed for both his work with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and solo.


Neal Casal :: Sweeten The Distance [mp3]

Sweeten The Distance is due for release 10 April via Royal Potato Family.

SITE :: Chris Robinson Brotherhood

(h/t to Songs:Illinois for the solid on the recommendation.)

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