dudes, new edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros // ‘man on fire’

There is something within my city limits that is old and stagnant, in the best of ways. There is something within my street block that is so reminiscent of simpler times. There is something within the house next door, where I was raised with a record player behind the big, heavy front door, that still smacks of the sounds of the 1970s. It is something, here, that cannot be shaken.

While some may not understand and while some may call it trite or insincere, those some can fuck off. That shit is real and that shit is why I love Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. I write about that feeling here so often and this band now because “I want the whole damn world to come dance with me”. These goddamn hippies have my heart…


Here will be released 29 May via Vagrant.


  1. “These goddamn hippies have my heart…”

    …best quote ever.

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