happy birthday, sister :: a tiny mix

Let this serve as a (very small) mix for use in introducing my sister to some acts that she’ll be seeing with me in two weeks. Communion is sending 4 bands on a tour, From Austin (SxSW, blargh) to Boston, and as my dear sibling enjoys the fuck out of some Rateliff, it occurred to me that for her Birth Anniversary approaching next month, I should take her to see him. We are so very different but occasionally there is an overlap in what I love and what she can bring herself to love and to not honor that by seeing this show with her would be a bonafide dick move on my part.

We shall stare at the St Louis Arch out of our hotel window and we shall scream along with Rateliff on a Saturday night. She will fall in love with Ben Howard and she will become a fan of The Staves. We will both meet Bear’s Den for the first time. We will do all this in the state of our respective births. It will be fucking awesome.


Nathaniel Rateliff :: I Am

BUY In Memory Of Loss :: SITE


Ben Howard :: Old Pine [mp3]

BUY Every Kingdom :: SITE


The Staves :: Facing West



Bear’s Den :: Pompeii



BUY TICKETS :: Communion From Austin to Boston Tour


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