i’m just gonna sit this here for you :: the lumineers new album

Last night I wrote up over 600 words about the first listen in this house to this record. And then I slept, had heartbreaking dreams, and woke up realizing that anything I had said, no matter how perfect or poetic it might have been (it wasn’t) would not be good enough. I’m convinced ‘Stubborn Love’ infected my dreams and the powers that be in the universe, or at the very least The Music Gods, were telling me I was doing an injustice to such an album. Fuck those 600+ words. Just listen…

(In other news, as if I wasn’t excited enough to see this band at Wakarusa this year, I’m now convinced that the money I’ve already spent on that endeavor is going to be so worth it, without thought to any of the other bands I’ll be seeing. Also, music in 2012, thus far, is turning out to be so good and so fucking healing. I think this year will kick the ass of the last.)

Full Soundcloud Stream of The Lumineers S/T:: WEBSITE

{Update: The album is no longer available as a set of tracks via the label’s Soundcloud page, but as individual tracks. You can listen here.}

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