bison : quill : switzerland


Dare I say that Bison is to folk what Arcade Fire is to indie rock? Boasting 7 members and a sound seemingly born on the tree covered mountain tops of Virginia Bison lays down expansive and yet imminently listenable folk with an original feel I’ve not experienced in quite some time.

Amidst all the comparisons regarding this band and others (who will remain nameless here) who have unexpectedly achieved success in this American climate of Katy Perry’s and T-Pain’s, Bison is a welcome respite from all that is manufactured. It’s easy to make quick judgements and label this band with a paintbrush tinted with What Is The Most Popular Folk Band In The Mainstream Today? color, but we will not do so here. No. This music stands on its own, no effigies necessary. To label is to do it all an injustice.

And you. Yes, you. Hi there. Don’t just quit with this download. Carry on and hit that bandcamp link. Give these 7 fine folks some money and fill your heart with some hearty, spacial, moving folk. This band deserves your eyes and your ears…


Bison :: Switzerland [mp3]




  1. Gavin said:

    WOAH!!!!!!! Thanks for this, I needed new tunes 🙂

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