dudes, (more) new peter wolf crier :: ‘settling it off’

I’ve made my feelings known in regards to the first track so kindly given to us by Peter Wolf Crier, from their upcoming Garden of Arms, but I tell you what, kids, this (newer) new track is hitting all the right notes with us here at Folk Hive.

{Look at these fucking dudes, standing on a weird piano step thingy.  Is it just your grandma’s keys upended?  Who gives a shit, it’s awesome.}

In attempting to come up with words to explain this to you, provided that you’re the type of person who actually wishes to read about this as opposed to just fucking listening to it, I’m sort of at a loss.  I think now, having heard this and the first track, I’ve got a better feel for the album and ‘Right Away’ makes a shit ton more sense to me.  This particular jam is reminescent of the Peter Wolf Crier of Inter-Be and yet, it’s incredibly forward moving.  That’s something I fucking heart: A band staying the same and changing all at once, remaining totally badass all the while.  And, as usual, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Moen’s drum is fucking slaying me.

Upon hearing this I will admit that I’m all the more excited for this album.  Get that way too, vagrant queen.


Peter Wolf Crier :: Settling It Off [mp3]

PRE-ORDER Garden of Arms :: WEBSITE

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