scarlet tanager :: feel the burn of the summer heat

Typically, perusing the ‘St Louis’ tag within the halls of Bandcamp is an exercise in futility, something I’d only recommend to those who’d like to be reminded that the music scene in Missouri is relegated to horrible electronica and country jams, for the most part.  But every now and then, once in a good great while, one is surprised.  The odds are low that you’ll encounter anything worth your time in those aforementioned halls but when you stumble upon something as great as Scarlet Tanager, those sad odds become worth enduring.

Normally a lady’s voice doesn’t float my proverbial boat but the vocals and lyrics of Scarlet Tanager’s Susan Logsdon raise the waters and  lift the canoe off the bank.  ‘Tumbleweed’ is a lighthearted sing along, one of those songs that grabs your attention and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sent up to the Apple Gods and narrating an iPad commercial in the future.  But to glorify the adorableness of that jam and that jam alone would be to discount the rest of the album and that would be a travesty.  From the opening track, ‘The Birds of the Dawn’, to the closing lines of ‘Zipcode (Version II)’, I was captivated by the wholeness of this band and the resounding sound of a group that puts real thought and work into an album that impresses quiet a bit on first listen and even more so on subsequent spins.


In short, Scarlet Tanager gives me great hope for this goddamn state.  Turns out, it’s not all Jason Aldean up in here.  There are real musicians lurking in the corners of our geography, if you’ll dig for them…


Scarlet Tanager :: Tumbleweed [mp3]

BUY American Songbird :: WEBSITE

  1. Theresa Behme said:

    Glad you noticed them! But don’t ignore the fact that the CD was a DIY project, so not only did Susan write, sing and record the songs with the help of her husband, Michael and band family, but the CD cover and inserts were hand screened by them as well. And, oh my goodness, did you see the wonderful puppet video they created to go along with “Tumbleweed”? It is adorable and was DIY again! These are multi-multi-talented kids you are looking at! : )

    • Hey Theresa…

      Thanks for the info! Actually, the website is sparse, along with the bandcamp, so really there wasn’t too much information to find (though I have talked with Susan a bit, who is a peach). In regards to the artwork, I had wondered, as it’s so…unique? I think it’s obvious by looking at the band’s aesthetic that it’s a DIY band too, which I love.

      All in all, I was incredibly stoked to have found a band in my home state that not only didn’t suck but actually blew me away. I’m pretty excited to see where the band as a whole can go :).

  2. Jess said:

    Great coverage of Scarlet Tanager! Good music, great folks. Also, there’s more to “this godamn state[‘s]” music than you think. For starters:

    The Skekses
    Pretty Little Empire
    Bo and the Locomotive
    Black James
    Union Electric
    Union Tree Review
    My Molly
    Dots Not Feathers
    We’re Wolf
    Sleep in Sundays
    Cassie Morgan & the Lonely Pine
    Beth Bombara
    Campfire Club
    Old Lights

    I’m from St. Louis.
    Happy discovering/listening.

    • Jess! I was just perusing I Went To A Show!

      In other news, you win the award for best / most informative comment in the history of this blog. I’m devoting the afternoon to your suggestions. STOKED.

  3. Theresa Behme said:

    Here is the link to the video in case you haven’t seen it.

    Hope that works. If not I’m sure you know how to search for it. 🙂

    Michael Logsdon was a student of mine and his parents are friends, and as you can tell I am very excited that they are getting noticed! Hope you enjoy checking out the other suggestions.
    Have a good one!

  4. Starla said:

    I was lucky enough to go to my first Scarlet Tanager show at Cicero’s earlier in the year and even luckier after they agreed to do an interview with my on my site Starla at the Show. I’ve said the same thing about their album that you did! I loved this write up! 😀 I especially loved your imagery.

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