dudes, new siskiyou :: ‘twigs and stones’

Here’s a story for you: This morning I woke up 3 and a half hours later than I have in months.  I allowed myself that, as I’m still in recovery mode from the house show we hosted Sunday night and because fuck it, I’m on vacation, I do what I want.  I stumbled out of bed, fired up the coffee pot, and stared at the butterflies attacking the Mimosa tree out the kitchen window while said coffee brewed.

Now I’m back in bed, resting my laptop where it was meant to be rested if the title means anything, and I’m falling in love with this new Siskiyou jam.  Couple things here: I’m ashamed I had no idea Sisikyou was even releasing a new album anytime soon.  Given my love for Great Lake Swimmers (I still occasionally consider tears when I play ‘Your Rocky Spine’ just because of where I have taken that song with me), Shaunn Watt (I wrote about him here for Everybody Taste), and Colin Stetson’s work on his new album and of course, the new Bon Iver album, it’s shoddy that I had no idea this thing was even being recorded.

But let me tell you something else: Chances are this new song, and by extension the album if it’s in this same vein, is my favorite anything put forth by Colin Hubert, Erik Arnesen, Shaunn Watt, or Stetson.  Really, it’s that good.

Keep Away The Dead will be released 4 October via Constellation Records.  I’m gonna do my job this time and not let the gloriousness of these men fall from my radar.  You should do the same.


Siskiyou :: Twigs and Stones [mp3]

PRE-ORDER Keep Away The Dead :: WEBSITE

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