tabs open :: 10:38 pm, 9 jun 2011

I tweeted earlier tonight (I hate this fucking sentence already) concerning the tabs I have open here in my nifty little browser.  Because I am a blogger, it made sense to write about this.  Plus, I need an excuse to close these fuckin’ tabs, man.

I’ve got a bunch of shit sitting atop.  Have a gander…


Ewan Currie’s Bandcamp 

Dude, I’ve got a serious clit stiffy for this dude and his band.  I’ve wrote about The Sheepdogs before, they’ve made it to the top 2 of this Rolling Stone contest for the cover, and despite that, I do not like them less.  I commented to Mr Currie the other night that instead of dating these jams 1954, they should have been dated 1974, just like The Allman’s Eat A Peach album.  He responded that that album was released in 1972.  I have that shit tattooed on me and I wasn’t even getting my dates proper.  Touché, long hair badass, touché.

The Sheepdogs :: I Don’t Know [MP3]

BUY Learn & Burn :: VOTE in the Rolling Stone Cover Contest


The Hollows’ Sweetie EP

One Cody Caudill (of Folk Hive favorites Harlowe and the Great North Woods) recommended this to me and I appreciate it when people actually take the time to suggest shit that isn’t shit.  Dude, she sings, “Save a spot on the porch swing for me.”  Obviously, I’m gonna like that, bros.

BUY Darlings of Naught :: BANDCAMP 


Mustard Seed Faith

I’m gonna be honest: I have no idea from whence this came and I have no idea what the fuck it is, but I’m kind of diggin’ on it.  Let this be a lesson to you: AVOID INTERNET RABBIT HOLES!  I think these are religious jams but there’s windwoods in those jams, so we’ll let it slide.  I wonder what in the hell these dudes are doing now.  Believe this album was released around 1975.

Mustard Seed Faith :: Sail on Sailor [MP3]

BUY Sail On Sailor :: MYSPACE 


Bon Iver LP Deluxe Pre-Order Page

Every blog you love has talked about this and most are giving it glowing reviews.  I’m pretty sure that in a week’s time, my review will be entitled “Breaking Up With Bon Iver”, but alas, I’m buying this anyway.  Bon Iver shirt is probs a way better idea than Bon Iver tattoo.

Bon Iver :: Calgary [MP3]

BUY Bon Iver :: WEBSITE 


Donavan Frankenreiter

Apparently, I listened to and liked this in 2007.  Found my recommendation for it on an old blog last night.  In all honesty, if this is the worst of what I was listening to 4 years ago, then my shit was at least halfway together.

Donavan Frankenreiter :: Wondering Where The Lions Are (Bruce Cockburn cover) [MP3]

BUY Recycled Recipes EP :: WEBSITE 



This is another rabbit hole find.  It’s adorable.

The Honey Trees :: Edelweiss [MP3]



1146 Miles Recommends Tall Ships

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this track.  I think I like it.




I’ve listened to nothing but this track from The Middle East’s last effort, I Want That You Are Always Happy, for the past two mornings.  Keep coming back to it, keep losing myself in the distant banjo and slide guitar.  Spent the time locating the lyrics and then marveled at it.

While the stars bear down from their throne

And the old southern cross is shown

And it points down the sad road home.

To the land of the hunter dancing under the trigger

and the bride washing up on the shore.

Yeah.  I like that.  The new album will make it’s way to the US on 12 July.  Make note.

The Middle East :: The Land of the Bloody Unknown [MP3]


  1. I really enjoyed the Middle East song… For some reason it reminded me of Songs Of Green Pheasant’s self-titled album, which is one of my all time favorites.

  2. catacyst said:

    Probably my favorite compilation yet. In fact, I blame this for my newly discovered chronic addiction to the Honey Trees. Feels pretty nice actually. Thanks.

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