folk hive mailbag :: oriole post

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

The way I arrived upon the jams of Oriole Post is a little unconventional, at least when it comes to the normal premise of Mailbag.  This was not sent to me by a band, not by a label.  Instead, this was sent along by a friend in Kansas City, a friend from college.  We don’t necessarily like the same kind of music (or, at least, I thought we didn’t) but he’s read the blog and thought that this might reside right up my alley.  Fuck yeah, DUDE WAS RIGHT.  Not only is Silver City a set of really great tunes but it’s so nice to find something being made by people from  my home state that doesn’t just blow ass.  Seriously, it’s not like Missouri is a mecca of amazing folk jams which is just insane because, HELLO.  BACKWOODS!

Without further ado, the sounds of Oriole Post.  And thanks go out to my pal Sean, who apparently knows me better than I thought and who has apparently (thankfully) gotten over his shitty music obsession.

Oriole Post :: Like I Should [MP3]

Oriole Post :: Sparrow [MP3]

BUY Silver City :: WEBSITE

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