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In Your Bones is a recurring feature here on Folk Hive in which a friendly fellow blogger lets us in on a jam they hold dear to their heart, a jam that is in their bones, so to speak.

Natural Beardy, run by 3 lads and a lone lass, has been on my folk-minded radar since it’s inception last year.  Aside from appealing to my heart, enthused by all things banjo, they went and fucking put beard into the title, so yeah.  It’s a given I’ma frequent that blog.  Dylan, the mastermind, was kind enough to send along his thoughts on a jam I happen to adore as much as he.  Without further ado…

The subjectivity of music and personal taste are interesting topics to me.  We can all listen to the same music and form vastly different relationships with it based on an endless number of factors that filter our perception and musical taste.  My most influential filter has always been an attraction to instrumental music.  While growing up, I had quite an affinity for heavy metal guitar playing; starting with my own toy broom-stick guitar to my first electric guitar, I wanted nothing more than to rock.  Somewhere between puberty, going to college, and buying my first banjo, my tastes changed quite dramatically, but I still viewed music through a similar filter.  Phil Cook’s song, “Ballad of a Hungry Mother”, reminded me of my childhood affinity for instrumental music.

This track is rootsy as hell — a far cry from the heavy metal of my youth — but the same theory applies.


Phil Cook & His Feat :: Ballad of a Hungry Mother [MP3]

BUY Hungry Mother Blues :: Trekky Records

Massive thanks go out to Dylan.  You’re the shit, broseph.

VISIT Natural Beardy

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