mixtape :: beware the dinosaurs (they will fuck you up)…

I feel like I worked my balls off this week and yet, I got absolutely shit accomplished.  THE MAN HAS GOT ME DOWN.  I feel like I can only talk in very short sentences, which is not my style, man.  So today, fuck sentences.  Let’s listen to some jams.  Cue up the playlist, fools.  We’re calling this one “Beware The Dinosaurs: THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP.”


The Middle East :: Hunger Song [MP3]

I tell you what, this jam is so fucking relaxing, that banjo so soothing, I passed out listening to it.  Wait, that makes it sound shitty.  It’s not shitty.  It’s tasty.

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YOUTH LAGOON :: Cannons [MP3]

No speakers, dude.  Unplug that shit.  Put it directly in your ears.

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Fistful of Mercy :: Father’s Son [MP3]

So what, we’re in full hippy jam mode over here.  It’s fucking summer, man, what’d you expect?

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Akron/Family :: Love, Love, Love (Reprise) [MP3]


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Milo Greene :: 1957 [MP3]

“Takes me away.”  Yeah, I’m down with that.  I highly suggest sticking around for the end of the jam, the breakdown with the group singing and soaring vocal there in the background.  It’s worth it.



Cotton Jones :: Vine Like Wednesday [STREAM]

It’s official: Jude will be attending his second live show next month and we’ll be seeing Cotton Jones, one of his top five favorite bands.  I made the mistake of mentioning that Mama was going and he insisted I check on the age requirements of the venue so it was done and tickets were purchased.  His favorite line of this jam?  ‘Cause I could never love anything like I love you.  Seriously, I want to marry my own child, he’s so fucking rad.



Bodies of Water :: Open Rhythms [MP3]

In the mood for tunes that send you back to 1978?  Here you go.  You’re welcome.

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The Mural And The Mint :: Soft Soft Soft [MP3]

Have we talked about this yet, this band calling themselves The Mural and The Mint?  I meant to, if I haven’t, I really did.  There’s probably a post somewhere around here in draft form about this shit.  We listen to this all the time.  We love this song.  You should too.  Sidenote: Mural/Mint give away all their jams…for free.  +10 points for that shit.  And Jude always swears this is The Beatles when I play it.  + like, eleventy million points for that one.

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The Deadly Gentlemen :: Carry Me To Home [MP3]

I’ll carry you to home, brother.



The Wealthy West :: Love Is Not Enough [MP3]

I think there’s a love theme up in this bitch.  Except, apparently, it’s not enough.  Fuck.

LISTEN to The Wealthy West


Ivan & Alyosha :: Glorify [MP3]

Some kind soul emailed me a link to a free download of the new Ivan & Alyosha album the other day and then I proceeded to listen to ‘Glorify’ on repeat.  I wish real life had more harmonicas and shit in it.  If one ignores the lyrics of the song, it truly sounds like a song I remember hearing in church, back when I was a child, while my great-granny rubs my thumb and sang along.  I like it.  I like it a lot.



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