universal electricity presents headed for the ditch :: a tribute to neil young

I don’t care who you are, if you dig music you unconciously maintain a list of artists in your head.  That list is labeled “The Un-Fucking-Touchables”.  That list includes artists that have touched you and whose specific arrangements shall never be fucked with, lest they change your perception of that song that moved your life.

So when wind of a compilation of Neil Young covers by the likes of Teen Daze, Ghost Animal, and Quilt hit my face, I blew it off.  This is what happens when one gets all elistest about shit, ya’ll.  The difference between this compilation and say, one that simply presents covers with no heart, no movement of their own, is that this thing can stand up on it’s own merits.  These are not merely covers.  These are completely different takes, jams that no longer resemble the originals, and simply seem to borrow some words in an effort of making a new kind of tune that will move a new kind of people in a way the original never did.  I can dig that.

This is not better than Neil, mind you.  Nothing is (this includes cigarettes and sex, I SHIT YOU NOT).  But it is different and it is worth your time, regardless of the level of your own personal degree of Neil love.  I’m not saying every one of these jams is breaking new territory or even worth keeping in your media player after download, but there are some serious gems in that there .zip file.


Ivana XL :: Heart of Gold [MP3]

QUILT :: Sugar Mountain [MP3]

brown bread :: Pocahontas [MP3]

DOWNLOAD Headed For The Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young :: Curated by UNIVERSAL ELECTRICITY

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