folk hive mailbag :: mount moriah’s ‘lament’

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

I’ve lamented (shit, need different word there) the awesomeness of Mount Moriah before, here, but the arrival of ‘Lament’ in my inbox yesterday takes that awesomeness to a whole new level.  While I’ll admit that I’m typically drawn to music first by, well, the music, this jam took hold of me with the words.  If this will be anything, let it be over.  Yeah, man.  Fronted by Heather McEntire, formerly of punk outfit Bellafea — seriously listen to this woman and put that voice at the helm of a punk band, SHIT — and starring a bit of guesting by members of Megafaun, St Vincent, etc., I suspect that the self-titled album featuring ‘Lament’ is pretty much rad.

Mount Moriah :: Lament [MP3]


1 comment
  1. Shaker. Shaker. Shaker. Beautiful voices. “it was damaged but it was something.” Another great find! Cody

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