bits & pieces :: ‘skinny love’ cover, new dale jr jr, and commentary on pitchfork…

I lamented to a pal this morning that morning that there has been no music in my veins these past two weeks.  Is it writer’s block?  Lack of sun?  THEN END OF THE FUCKING WORLD AS WE KNOW IT?!  Who fucking knows, ya’ll.  I’ve no doubt I’ll shortly return to my old ways, blowing off life and responsibility to instead search for this year’s best jams and depressed singer/songwriters but until then, Bits & Pieces.


I wish commentary was my strong suit.  Until I actually return to college where I’d surely learn to piece together coherent thoughts, I highly suggest this piece by Matt Carr over at Everybody Taste.  I’m not one of those riding the Pitchfork Blows Ass bandwagon but I certainly wouldn’t rely on them as a music tastemaker, personally.  But one cannot deny that bands like Dawes, perhaps one of the greatest I’ve heard this past decade deserves the attention of all rock writer’s and for some reason, Pitchfork choses to arbitrarily deny it.


This.  I would typically balk at a Skinny Love cover, as I’m one of those assholes who truly believes that it’s one of the best songs written and performed in the past 20 years, AT FUCKING LEAST, but when Justin Vernon recommends, I’ll listen.  Plus, chick is 14.  What the shit?!  When I was 14 I was not near badass enough to be listening to shit like Bon Iver.  Regardless.  You can find this on iTunes I believe but I hate that moneysucker, don’t use it, so search it out on your own.  I can’t do everything for you.


Yours Truly is just awesome.  Invisible Children is also, just awesome.  As are Middle Brother and Mountain Man.  Shit, EVERYBODY is awesome.  To wit:


Support Invisible Children


KCRW has a new Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr track.  It’s badass.


Until tomorrow (or next week, whatevs), ya’ll.

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