GAYNGS remix ep, affiliyated, and some free tix.

Dudes.  Here’s the deal: I prematurely ejaculated when GAYNGS announced that they were doing a showcase in Minneapolis a month or so back, bought two tickets, and booked a hotel room.  Sometimes things like my being an employed full-time single mother escape me and I do this shit.  Plus, Minneapolis is ONLY like ten hours away, DAD.  No. Big. Deal.

Bullshit.  I’m positive my Bimmer’s on the fritz, I’ve been bloated for two weeks, and I can’t afford the massive amount of condoms needed for this sort of thing.  But.  LISTEN AND YOU SHALL BENEFIT.

Who wants these tickets?  I’ve got two.  Two tickets that will sit at the will-call, beckoning my name in vain.  Two tickets that I might let a couple of you scabs use.  Here’s the deal: I paid for these fuckers out of my pocket so I get to pick.  Tweet me.  Leave a comment here.  Shoot off an email to folkhive[at]gmail[dot]com.  Tell me why you deserve these two tickets.  Bonus points if you’re planning on taking your mother.  MORE bonus points if you promise to send me a vid of Megafaun jamming or Justin Vernon’s beard.  Either works.

So, get on it.  Keep in mind, I’m not drawing a fucking name out of a hat for these bastards…because I don’t have to.  They’re mine, I can do whatever I want.  Wow me with your clever wit.  Kiss ass.  Bribe me.

And then when you finish that head over to Stereogum and download this GAYNGS EP of regrinds that was released today.


GAYNGS Affiliyated Showcase

First Ave., Minneapolis

Sets by :: Doomtree, Solid Gold, Megafaun, Leisure Birds, Alpha Consumer, Slapping Purses, Har Mar Superstar, Marijuana Deathsquads, and more.

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