bits & pieces :: analog edition records, king jim, and more…

Dudes, I HAVE NOT ABANDONED YE.  Work kicked my balls this week (is still doing so, in fact, despite that I should be off right now) and music was not even on my brain.  What a sad state of affairs.  Regardless, life goes on and a mad amount of cool shit went down so let’s update and converse about it, shall we?


Matt from the ever-so-wonderful Everybody Taste, has started a label.  In terms of blogger dreams we all wish for ourselves, dude is WINNING.  Analog Edition Records first issue is a 7″ from Blake Mills.  You want it and you don’t even know it.  GET IT.  Support a wonderful blogger in his endeavors.  Be a good person.


Alexander (Ebert’s) new disc is out today.  From what I’ve heard, it’s full of fantastical hippy jams, perfect for river times and smoking blunts, if that’s your jam.  Also, good for romps in the hay with bearded dudes, I bet.  Buy it.


King Jim, who we love, has released a new EP, Wedding Bells.  I’ve listened and pre-approved it for your ears.


Stumbled upon a new-to-me Harlowe and the Great North Woods jam yesterday.  It’s so pretty/badass/stunning.  Bet you five bucks you dig it.  LISTEN.


This post over at Draw Us Lines, Folk Hive’s Official Dude Equivalents, in regards to The Wooden Sky is a good read and further, packed full of good jams.  Head on over.


I hope to return this weekend.  I hope to wax on about how I’ll be missing the GAYNGS Affiliyated bit this weekend in chilly Minneapolis, despite hotel and tickets being procured a month ago.  I hope to receive your pity, readers.  Prepare yourselves.

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