(more) shakey graves :: word of mouth (live)

This.  What I’m about to show you is what keeps me so head over heels in love with music.  More specifically, the music of Shakey Graves.  There is such beauty.  I realize that’s all wide-sweeping and shit, but I’m am consistently confounded at the ability of things like a simple video to move me so far and so fast.


Yeah.  Again, THAT.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia, the man behind Shakey Graves, is apparently working on new material and dare I say, I love this song harder than I loved anything from Roll The Bones.  And I fucking LOVED Roll The Bones, dudes.  If the new album is anything like this individual jam, well fuck.  It’s the oooohs that get me.  It’s the Springsteen-esque growl that puts this eleven miles over the top for me.

Some more Shakey Graves, something for you to put into those headphones and move about to.  I urge you, GET ROLL THE BONES and jump on the damn Shakey Graves train, ya’ll.

Shakey Graves :: Unlucky Skin [MP3]


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