jacob wright & liam o’brien :: support the vinyl campaign!

Apparently, I only use exclamation points when speaking of vinyl projects (see Eric & Magill).  As such is a noble as all fuck cause, I’m okay with it.  Apparently, I STILL love Jacob Wright and Liam O’Brien, with just a singular jam from the former to back up that love.

Since late last year, jams by both of these men have been in heavy rotation here in the Folk Hive house.  Mix discs gifted to friends and family alike typically contain music from both and on a long car ride, both will undoubtedly be heard over the speakers at some point.  If I had put out a list of the best songs of 2010, both of the following jams would have certainly made that distinguished list.

Jacob and Liam, friends and musical counterparts, have launched their Kickstarter campaign to put out a 7″ that will “soothe your soul” and I strongly urge any and all who can and are willing to donate to the cause.  Drop them a couple bucks.  Contribute to art and the music community.  DON’T BE A SQUARE.

Jacob Wright :: Could It Be [STREAM]


Liam O’Brien :: Pyrite [STREAM]


FUND the Kickstarter Campaign.  Be cool.

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