riding the back of a hog :: akron/family, the low anthem, etc.

Riding the Back of a Hog (better known as “piggybacking”) is a feature here at the Folk Hive where we do the leg work for you and highlight the best, most interesting, insanely rad posts from music blogs out in the wilderness known as the internets.  You’re welcome.


Muzzle of Bees alerts us to the fact that favorites Juniper Tar are playing three dates with other favorites, the Deep Dark Woods, in cities that are not remotely close to me, geographically.  Awesome and yet, balls.  The former band (favorites, remember) just recorded a Daytrotter session which is about the raddest shit to happen all week.  Also of note: a NPR Tiny Desk concert with Local Natives, Sat. Nite Duets are opening for Smith Westerns, and a great article in the NYT about the new Low Anthem.


Speaking of the Low Anthem, Smart Flesh, was released today.  YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS.


Dead Oceans points us to a vid of Akron/Family generally being fucking awesome last night in a church.


Cotton Jones released Sit Beside Your Vegetables today, making it the most awesome Tuesday I’ve had in quite some time.  For a mere $3.65 and too can enjoy a badass second day o’ the week.  Fuck dudes, ‘Lune Chatter’ alone is worth that measly sum.


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