middle brother :: middle brother

No, I’m not being a redundant jackass in the title you see above.  Middle Brother has released a new track and holy shit, you guys.  I swear this band gets better and better with every listen.  SO fucking stoked for this album in March.  Also, if they really are singing “I got a dick so hard a cat could scratch” I’ll pledge undying love for this damn band and groupie-follow them on tour.  FOR REALZ.

Middle Brother :: Middle Brother [MP3]


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  1. guitard said:

    Uhhh…yep. Those are the correct lyrics: “I gotta dick so hard a cat could scratch it.” LOL.

    And the funniest thing is I first heard that song on NPR of all places…FM dial. And they played the WHOLE lyrics!! That was just today. They probably didn’t realize that the song had those lyrics on it. LOL.

    I thought that was funny as hell…as it was on a popular NPR show in the mid-Saturday afternoon…today.

    I can just imagine: “Mommy…what does that mean?”

    Someone’s prolly gonna catch flack for that….but they should just lighten up. Kids use worse language on the elementary playground. Great tunezzz, though !!!

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