james vincent mcmorrow :: ‘if i had a boat’

Dudes, you all knew I would like this.  WHY DIDN”T YOU FUCKING TELL ME SO.

Thing is, I’ve seen McMorrow’s name thrown around and because I’m an asshole, I purposely avoided it because every-fucking-body was yakking about it and just like Katy Perry, it must be shit.  And look what happens.  I accidentally click, I accidentally listen, and good Lord if this isn’t just kicking my ass.  You’re gonna read about it elsewhere and get the ‘Irish Bon Iver’ bit and while McMorrow is undoubtedly similar, this is different.  But I suppose peeps might be right: the feeling is there.  The same feeling I get when I listen to Wolves.  It’s there.  Can’t explain it.  Won’t try.

Provided you’re one of the seven people in the United States of Commercialized Pop Suckage who hasn’t heard this jam, listen below.

James Vincent McMorrow :: If I Had A Boat [MP3]

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  1. lesley said:

    best blog post ever. haha! i think he’s pretty cool too. i like this one a lot.

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