folk hive mailbag :: new animal

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

The Mailbag feature around these parts is akin to my relationships: When you want it real bad and you get it, it’s usually shitty.  But the second you give up on it, the second you come to truly believe that nothing good will ever come and that’s okay, there it is.

New Animal.  I received the humblest of emails this morning from Kris and I was cautious about getting too jazzed up but fortunately, because I’m interested in all the shit the universe deems worthy of throwing at me, I checked up on it.  Let this be a lesson, children.  CHECK UP ON IT.

Typically, debut albums 15 songs long are a stretch — there are only that many jams because a band, an artist, a man, has a hard time being succinct and focused enough to say what he needs to say in 8 or 9 tunes.  But New Animal miraculously succeeds at staying in line in these 15 songs, not traveling too far outside the lines they’ve drawn for themselves and yet somehow, taking us on a journey that’s worth every minute.  I’ve spent this morning drinking in every track and as one of the most fickle people on the damn planet, I can tell you that New Animal earns your time.  They know you’re busy, they know you’ve got a life racing on behind you.  But these men are fucking nice enough not to let you down.

The whole of this debut is storied.  Get it.  Get it now.


New Animal :: In The Water At Night [MP3]

New Animal :: Fires In The Backyard [MP3]

DOWNLOAD New Animal.  It’s free.  Makes me love ‘Merica. :: WEBSITE


  1. Hellz Yes! That New Animal is the bomb. Kind of like a stoney/shoegazey pop record, phantashtic!

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