hearts :: a tiny mix (or musical hard-ons)…

I’m feeling a very strong and perhaps inappropriate urge to fire up this tiny little feature today (we’ve done A Tiny Mix highlighting Hypem favorites before — check it  here) and to title it “Hypem Hard-On”.  But I’m curious, can I use that word?  It’s vulgarity does not stress me but as I do not bear that particular body part, can I claim an actual hard-on for these jams?  Like, is that okay?  Fuck it.  I’m gonna spend the next half hour making a graphic featuring a gramophone and the word “hard-on”.  Noble cause.

I just realized it’s early as shit — should I call it “Hypem Morning Wood” instead?  Side question: Have I taken this entirely too far?

Boners.  Jams.  Good morning.


Forest Fire :: Fortune Teller [MP3]

If someone said to me, “Dear Sam, explain your personality to us through like, jams and shit.  And GO!”, I’d probably start off that mix with a little Forest Fire.  If you hear this jam and hate it, I’ll hate you.  You just go right ahead and melt those faces, Forest Fire.  Go on, do it.

BUY Survival :: via Mad Mackerel


Trampled by Turtles :: Wait So Long [MP3]

This is reason 312 why hard-on is an appropriate word here — I can feel that banjo in my gut.  Trampled by Turtles can be too fucking intense for some…but I’m not some.  Let’s be friends, you guys, and let’s drink moonshine by a fire while blasting these tunes through my woods.  Tomorrow.  We’re doing that tomorrow…

BUY Palomino :: via HearYa


We Are The Willows :: A Funeral Dressed As A Birthday [MP3]

There are some bands that we can be perfectly content with just listening to and then there are others that we want to have over for dinner.  I love We Are The Willows.  I want to feed them spaghetti.  I’ll invite everyone on the Amble Down label.  We’ll sip lemonade and I’ll spike the punch bowl when no one’s lookin’.  Meridene, you bring the chips and you Daredevil Christopher Wright boys, have your momma’s bake cookies…

BUY A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague :: via Perfect Porridge


Page France :: Say Wolf In The Summertime [MP3]

I’ve run out of Cotton Jones to listen to.  Ergo, I’m listening to Page France.  Further, isn’t it amazing to listen to this band’s catalog and then think about where they are now?  To think about how they’ve grown and matured and become even more fucking rad, even though upon listening to Page France you didn’t think about it because they were already badass enough?

BUY Page France’s last disc, Hello, Dear Wind :: via The Torture Garden


Breakfast Mountain :: Ice Cream Mountain [MP3]

I know nothing of Breakfast Mountain and in fact, they are so rad that I’m keen to keep it that way.  I can only assume that the band is comprised of a gaggle of fucking hippies, also known as the best sub-sect of people ever made.  That is all.

LISTEN at Into The Woods :: via FMLY


Screen Door Porch :: Wrong The Right [MP3]

Aside from having one interesting name that perfectly evokes feelings of summertime bliss and familial singing on back country porches, Screen Door Porch will induce some serious head sway.

BUY Screen Door Porch :: via Side One: Track One


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