folk hive mailbag :: joe holtaway

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature where we hip you to artists seeking play via email.

First snow of the winter blanketed the ground this morning and driving through it late last night, as the wind tossed the flakes across the road, I realized that the presence of that specific type of precipitation was not sending me into a sad, angry spiral and planting urges in my head to leave the state for a warmer climate.  Perhaps it was the combination of moonshine, walnut brandy, and Jagermeister.  Most likely it was the company I kept last night, good people I met for the first time, gathered in a garage and assembled in tiny groups around fryers full of potatoes, fish, and cow balls.  Yes, cow balls.  It was probably the company on the way home and the company that was still here this morning.  Amazingly, I am fine with the snow and having company at all…

Anyway.  Snow is white.  So is this song.

Joe Holtaway :: Colour White [MP3]



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